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In 2000, after extensive studying of Salsa in Miami, Jeff Miller and Elaine Hewlett began teaching the famed 1950's Cuban dance, Salsa Rueda in Dallas, Texas. Rueda is danced in a circle with two or more couples. There is a dancer who calls the moves which the entire circle executes in unison. Some moves require partner changes and that's when the fun begins.

Using the Cuban original as a template, Jeff and Elaine created Swing Rueda. Since its creation it has been spread around the country, with reports of it traveling as far as Sweden and Singapore.

Some of the moves' names are the same in both the Swing and Salsa versions of the dance. For example, Dame (which translates as give me) is used to get a new partner. Other names have changed slightly due to the largely non-Spanish speaking dancers in Swing. For example, Enchufayla became Chalupa. Other names are not related at all to the original Salsa version, such as Sushi or Amoeba.

Elaine Hewlett has been performing and teaching since 1994. Her expertise includes Lindy Hop (also known as East Coast Swing), Salsa, Salsa Rueda, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rhumba and other ballroom dances.

In addition to teaching wedding dance skills and Lindy Hop to hundreds of students in DFW, she has been involved in the local community through working with After-School programs, the Dallas Swing Dance Society and the Dance Council.

Elaine has also been involved with Dallas' Kitchen Dog Theatre as choreographer and has has assisted with the Ft. Worth/Dallas Ballet production, RITE OF SWING. Most recently, she choreographed and danced in Plano Reportory Theater's 2004 production of the musical Swing!

Elaine has taught at Swing Out New Hampshire, New England Swing Dance Championships, American Lindy Hop Championships, Texas Swing Riot, the Great Southwest Lindy Fest and other workshops throughout the U.S. If you are interested in having elaine teach at your next workshop you can email or call her at 214-228-4454 .